Using GraXpert within AutoIntegrate

Hello - I’m trying to use GraXpert as part of the autoIntegrate process, however the following occurs…(in brief)
Script runs, … GraXpert application screen opens and I run, save, close, and then the process halts stating it cannot find the saved file. (The saved file is in the T folder.)

If I run GraXpert normally from within PI I have no issues.(GraXpert app screen does not open but I assume runs in the background ).

Shouldn’t GraXpert run in the background when implemented as part of AutoIntegrate?
Thank you - Seebs

Hi Seebs,

What version of GraXpert you are using? If you are using the new GraXpert version 2.2.0 it does not work with AutoIntegrate because the GraXpert command line interface is changed.

I have a new test version 1.66 test3 available in my test repository at That version defaults to the new GraXpert command line interface. There is also an option to use the older GraXpert version. I have an updated test version documentation here: AutoIntegrate Info

I plan to push out a new non-test version in a next few days.


Hi Jarmo - Thank you! The test version ran as intended! No further issues at this time.

  • Mac Studio M2 Max OS Ventura 13.6.3
  • GraXpert v2.2.2
  • PI v1.8.9-2
  • AutoInt v1.66 test3
  • Kurt (Seebs)