Starnet2 Enable Linear

Starnet2 has a linear mode and works really well. Can you enabled Starnet2’s linear option for for star removal?

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Hi Daniel,

I can can take a look but unfortunately it does not look very easy. Linear data is not available from a script. ToolTip says that Linear data setting will stretch and then de-stretch it.


I did not realize that Starnet2 uses STF for the linear star removal. I can see how this is difficult to automate. Is StarXTerminator the only software that can remove stars by screening?

Not sure if I understand what you mean by screening. But StarXTerminator can work directly with linear images. There is no need for any conversion (not sure of course what it does internally). It seem to be the only option to remove stars directly from a linear image.

Now I remember looking into linear StarNet2 before and hit this problem. If I can find an easy way to de-stretch an image then I might do the linear StarNet2. Both StarNet2 and StarXTerminator are very good s oit would be nice to fully support both.


Hi, I had to another problem with StarNet2 so I tested it with linear images. It seemed to work so I enabled StarNet2 on linear images. A new version is available on my test repository and on GitHub.


To use I just select remove stars before stretch and Starnet2?

Yes, I that should be possible. I have not had possibility to test it yet. Please let me know how works.


It worked with the first image I tried it with. I have a more data I need to processes and will test with this data.

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Tried from auto-continue because the image was already integrated and got the error. “Starnet 2” not found. Starnet 2 is installed in the default location on windows 11.

Remove stars
Run StarNet2 on LDN1266_AutoRGB_extra
Maybe StarNet2 is not installed, weight files are missing or platform is not supported
StarNet2 failed


Ok, I need to check if I can reproduce this. I am away from my computers this week but I try to remember to check this next week.


I have added simple stretch/unstretch to run StarNet2 on linear images. Starless image looks pretty ok but stars image is not good. I recommend getting star image from a fully processed image.

This version is available in the test repository and in GitHub.

PixInsight was updated and broke pretty much everything. Autointegrate will not work.

Yes, I was reading about it. I had a beta version of PI and my test repository worked on that.

I am about to put out a version but I have been too busy with other stuff. I hope to get it done tomorrow. It would be great if you could check the test repository with the official PI version. It should be ready except the version info.