Requested change or assist in workaround

I have figured out that in some imaging with my full spectrum camera I am getting banding from the Canon sensor which is quite fixable with the Pixinsight Canon Banding Script and I’m using your Autointegrate now on almost every DSLR RGB project. After some experimentation with the AutoOutput files, I have discovered the best place to insert the Canon script is immediately after the debayer process. (when files are named “…_c_cc_d.xisf”)

First is there a way to interrupt the Autointegrate at that step to perform the Canon Banding on all files, then continue (or autocontinue)? Or second what would be involved in inserting the Canon step with its defaults into the script?

Thanks. And Thanks for your script.
RicA 2018 on slooh.

I have poured through your javascript code and being a coder, but not of javascript, I might be able to do it myself, but Im not sure how.

Hi Ric,

I guess both embedding the canon banding script or adding an option to stop at the right place could work.

Canon banding script is a relatively small piece of code. Looking at the copyright it should be possible to embed the engine part of it. But it uses GNU General Public License which is kind of problematic as I guess it automatically means the rest of the code is under the sama license and I have embedded code with a different license in the script.

Adding an option to stop after debayer and the start with fixed debayered files would be doable.I already have something similar with image integration.

I am just happy if you want to contribute to the code :slight_smile: If not, I can try to do it.


I would be happy to contribute the code If I had a decent grounding in Javascript. I’ll like to take a look at the code for your “intregration pause” and see if I can work it out. I’m fixing to travel for a few weeks. I will try to dig in when I come back. Thanks.

Added an option to run Debayer only. Idea is to run only Debayer on OSC images so that later for example Canon banding reduction can be run on those Debayered files. Processing can then continue by choosing *_d.xisf files in AutoOutput directory as light files, setting Debayer to None and selecting No CosmeticCorrection.

This change is not yet available as a release but it can be downloaded from the master branch in GitHub.