Recommendation for autointegrate on multiple nights

Hi everyone,
First let me say thank you to the dev(s) of autointegrate. I really like the idea and with a bit of tweaking I get pretty good results.

I was wondering what would be the recommended path to using autointegrate on multiple nights of data. I am using mono + SHO most of the time. I will almost aalways have Flats/Flat Darks for every night.



Unfortunately I do not have any recommendations when using multiple nights of data. I have done only very simple calibrations with AutoIntegrate since I use remote telescope data. For any complex calibration tasks I recommend using WBPP.

Anyway I am kind of interested in this topic, just to learn something new. So could you just run a separate calibration for each night? Then you would have calibrated lights for each night and you use those to produce the final image. There is a calibrate only option in AutoIntegrate.


I have tried the approach you suggest and it works just fine: I have calibrated all files using WBPP, then fed all of them to autointegrate.

I have yet to get good results when it comes to color but that’s just me needing more experience with your parameters.


Great to hear that you have find a workflow that works fine.

Color can sometimes be a problem. You can increase the saturation during the processing in the script, it sometimes help. For some targets, masked stretch may give better colors.