Outliers rejection, local normalization not run as default

Updates in AutoIntegrate v1.31

  • Limit value for filtering by SSWEIGHT value.
  • Outlier rejection using any selected SubframeSelector value: SSWEIGHT, FWHM, Eccentricity, SNR, PSF Signal, PSF Power,
  • Outlier rejection limit calculation options: Two sigma, One sigma, IQR
  • Outlier rejection min max option to reject both low and high outliers. Default depends on the value used.
  • Option ‘Image weight testing’ to run only SubframeSelector to output image weight information and outlier filtering into AutoIntegrate.log. With this option no output files are written.
  • Option ‘Start from ImageIntegration’ for quicker testing of ImageIntegration settings. Processing starts from *_r.xisf files. With local normalization existing .xnml files are used when they are available. Note that by default output goes to an input file subdirectory AutoProcessed (subdirectory under the directopry *_r.xisf files are).
  • Option ‘Generate .xdrz files’ to generate Drizzle data even when Drizzle is not selected. This data can be used to test Drizzle integration with the ‘Start from ImageIntegration’ option.
  • Added PSF Signal option for SSWEIGHT value. With that option PSF Signal is used directly as SSWEIGHT value. SSWEIGHT is used to select the best image for star alignment.
  • SSWEIGHT calculation formulas use PSF Signal value instead of SNR Weight
  • Local normalization is not a default any more. According to PixInsight experts Local normalization can cause bad side effects in some cases. So by default it is not used.
  • When Local normalization is used, ImageIntegration rejection normalization uses Local normalization rejection.
  • For ImageIntegration rejection it is now possible to directly choose EDS (Extreme Studentized Deviate). It was already available in Auto2 option for large data sets.
  • Default ImageIntegration rejection is now Auto2.
  • Added checks to detect changes that are incompatible with PixInsight version or older.