Offaxis guiding view

Added optional offaxis guiding view to AstroMosaic. It should help to locate offaxis guiding view outside of telescope FoV and ensure that there are proper stars in the view. Feature is available only with specific configuration parameters. It can be added to any service and telescope.

Configuration settings for offaxis view:

  • service-name - Service name.
  • telescope-name - Telescope name.
  • fov-x-minutes - Horizontal field of view in arcminutes.
  • fov-y-minutes - Vertical field of view in arcminutes.
  • offset - Offset from main Fov in arcminutes.
  • Position - Position of offaxis view, one of T, B, L, R for top, bottom, left or right axis.

NOTE! If someone knows how the offaxis view really should be configured please let me know.