New extra options, PixInsight 1.8.8-12

Updates in v1.40

  • New extra options: ACDNR noise reduction, color noise reduction, sharpening
  • Small update for PixInsight 1.8.8-12
  • Small fine tuning to sharpening settings
  • Removed use on range_mask. Now only mask named AutoMask is used. If user creates a range_mask, it should be inverted and renamed as AutoMask. If using a window prefix also AutoMask should have the window prefix.
  • Use of range_mask caused problems when processing multiple version and some of those used range_mask created for other purposes.
  • PSF signal is now default for weight calculations.
  • Added option to skip SCNR. Useful for example in comet processing.
  • When less than 3 images, back to adding only the best image
  • Fix to local normalization duplicate image detection (if above change is not active)
  • Fix to save directory in some cases when user need to give the directory.
  • Fix to blink zoom to stay in the middle of the image.