Multi-session use

Hi there,

first, tanks for AutoIntegrate, really saves time in PI and results are quite nice.
Quick question, what is the recommended workflow if I want to work on a multi-session target with lights and flats for each single day?



Thanks for nice comments!

Unfortunately I do not have a good suggestion for a multi-session target. The calibration part is pretty basic and my experience with calibration is very limited.

You maybe could split each day to separate setup files. Then you can later recall the set of files and settings and process them separately. But I am not sure if that is what you are looking for. For more complex calibration setups I think using WBPP is the best choice. You can then do the rest of processing using AutoIntegrate.


Jarmo, thanks for the reply, still working my way around your script. Fair enough to use WBPP first and then move to AutoIntegrate.

Once again, awesome job!