Flats not working?

Hi Folks……I’m new to AutoIntegrate and am excited about the ease of use and flexibility of the tool. Thanks to the developers for putting this together as it is a significant help to new PI users.

I’ve had decent results just processing lights without other calibration frames but when I load Flats, DarkFlats, and Darks everything processes without error but the final image looks like the flats were just overlayed so the vignetting and dust motes are very visible? If I run the same files thru the WBBP Script the image looks good.

I’m assuming that I’m missing something simple?

Hi Rbogle, Unfortunately I have limited access to calibration data so the calibration part is less well tested. If you are willing to share a subset of your data I can check it out. Or just share AutoIntegrate.log file first and I can check if there is something that would be helpful. While AutoIntegrate does not try to replace WPBB but I would like to fix any obvious problems in the calibration workflow.

You can of course just use WBPP for calibration. Then do the rest of the processing using AutoIntegrate starting for example from calibrated lights.


Thanks for the info Jarmor……I have begun to do stacking in WBPP as you suggest and then run the light thru AI and this does fine so there’s definitely a way for me to get a great finished image.

Next time I’m running images I can run a small subset with flats thru AI and send you the log and can share the images too.

Where should I send these files?

Thanks for your prompt response to my question….Ray

I think using WBPP for calibration is a good choice.

But anyway it would be great if you can send a subset of data showing the problem. You can send the data to astroimagetools@gmail.com.