Extract OSC channels, save and restore parameters

AutoIntegrate v1.36 includes the following changes:

  • Extract OSC channels
  • Save parameter values to a file with file lists
  • Save parameter values to persistent module settings
  • Reset parameters to default values

Extract OSC channels

Added option to extract separate color channels from OSC/DSLR color data. Channels can be extracted as LRGB, HSO or HOS data. After channels are extracted, processing continues as mono filter processing.

Channels are extracted right after cosmetic correction and debayering. Channel files are saved to disk so they can be used for processing later.

Using separate channels enables different narrowband mappings when collecting narrowband data with OSC cameras. Also LRGB data can benefit from separate processing.

Below is a sample image from an OSC camera using Optolong L-eXtreme filter. It is processed to emulate the Hubble (SHO) color palette in AutoIntegrate. Additional color processing was done after the AutoIntegrate script run. Thanks to René Bondo Hoffmann for providing test data.

Save parameter values to a file with file lists

In addition to saving just file lists it is possible to save the current setup. Current setup includes file lists

and parameter values. This makes it possible to automatically use different parameter values for different file sets.

Save parameter values to persistent module settings

Added possibility to save all settings into PixInsight persistent module settings. These values are automatically restored on startup. If parameter values are restored from a process icon they are restored after persistent module settings.

All saved parameters, persistent module settings, process icon and setup file, will include only those values that are different from default values.

Reset parameters to default values

Added a button to reset all parameters to default values.

Other changes

  • Removed persistent settings section because now all parameter settings can be persistent.
  • Added hyperbolic stretch back for some more experimenting.
  • Fix to max(L,H) mapping when processing both Narrowband and RGB data.