Error using Extra "Darker Background"

I am getting the following error in the current version when selecting Darker Background. I tried this on PI running on a MacBook and I don’t have this error.

File I/O Error: Unable to open file: Win32 error (2):

The system cannot find the file specified.

:C:/Users/Kurt/AppData/Local/Temp/ ~PI~HGDN282606ZL3KK5~BlurX_Noise_X_ST.swp


Hi Kurt,

I could not reproduce this error with AutoIntegrate v1.65.2 or 1.66 test2. I am on Windows 11 and I have the new PixInsight 1.8.9-2 build 1596.

Darker Background option does not try to open any files so this could be something inside PI.

Are there any other errors or warnings in the Processing Console?


Thanks Jarmo. I need to upgrade to the latest PI and retry. I have been crunching some NSG runs so I didn’t do that yet.