Download fits files broken by new Slooh fits viewer links

Hi Jarmo

I loved your latest astromosaic of the Chirstmas tree and Cone nebulae it was spectacular.

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but your chrome plugin for downloading fits files has been broken by the addition of the new fits file viewer option. I have really enjoyed using this plugin, it has made using Slooh a much more enjoyable experience.


Cameron :slight_smile:

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the feedback!

I also noticed that Download Fit went broken with new Slooh update to their download page. I fixed it Nov 10, 2019 and after the fix it has been working for me.

The new version has been available at GitHub but I forgot to update the zip file in Download Fit Info page ( Now the correct zip should be available also there.


Thanks Jarmo, greatly appreciated :slight_smile: