Difficulty with auto integrate

I’ve tried Auto integrate with LRG B & Ha data plus flats and darks with no success. It routinely fails even though I have all of the boxes unchecked. I then decided to try some unrelated data composed only of Lights namely lrgb frames. I still received the red warning as attached.

I am at a loss as to what could be causing that error message.

Hi Zade,

Thanks for reporting the problem! It is a bit difficult to be sure what your problem is. Most likely you have hit the most common issue with the script, recognizing file types correctly. AutoIntegrate relies on the FILTER keyword in image files but sometimes it fails to understand the files correctly.

If the problem is with the FILTER keyword, one solution is to add files manually. To do that you need to click the ‘Add manually’ check box on the right for Lights (and Flats). Then you get buttons for each filter to add files directly for each filter.

It would be interesting to know what FILTER keywords are in your data so maybe I could add those to the script. Alternatively you could send the AutoIntegrate.log file.

If your problem is something else, having the full AutoIntegrate.log file would be useful.


I did try entering the keywords manually and same error message. Here is a Fit file name:

Although when I enter the info from my desktop it goes in as K:/[my name] Pictures/Astronomy Data/Deep Sky/Cone and Christmas Tree/Christmas Tree blink final/Target_LIGHT_Blue_120s_BIN1_-15C_001_20201209_213400_023_GA_139_OF_21_W

Ok. The problem seem to be with ChannelExtraction process and I think it should not be called with LRGB workflow.

Is it possible to post AutoIntegrate.log file? It is always automatically created and should help finding the problem.


OK - I will run it again but please tell me how to copy such log and get it to you. And is there a way I can do this privately without it being part of a public forum response?

Hi, You should already have the log, it is always generated automatically. It is put into AutoProcessed subdirectory. For example your screen capture in the first message show where the log file is put.

You can send the AutoIntegrate.log to astroimagetools@gmail.com.


As a summary there were problems in recognizing FILTER keywords and incorrect behavior when using Extract channels parameter with LRGB data. Both are fixed in the test version available in GitHub (not yet as an automatic update).