Batch mode for mosaic images

Batch mode is intended to be used with mosaic images. In mosaics there are several images and typically the same basic processing options are used for all images. In Batch mode AutoIntegrate script automatically asks for files for the next mosaic panel. You can freely choose the directories for images. Script creates a final processed image which has the same name as the directory where images were read. So if images are from directory P1 then the image name will be P1. At the end of the script all batch mode images are left open and all intermediate images are closed.

When batch files are ready for further processing is it possible to save all files by clicking a button in section “Save batch result files”. Batch mode adds a keyword to each image and it is used to find files for saving. It is possible to save images in PixInsight .xisf format, 16-bit TIFF format or 8-bit TIFF format. If you want to assemble the final image in Photoshop save images in 16-bit TIFF format.

Batch mode keyword is saved on disk with .xisf format but not with TIFF format. If you want to process images later and use batch save then you should save files also in .xisf format.

Updated the text after changes to saving batch result files. Now each image has a keyword that is used to recognize batch processed files instead of fixed file names.