Batch Export from Autointegrate

Autointegrate creates a number of images on the PI desktop as well as the AutoRGB image. If I click the “16 bit Tiff” button in the “save final image” pane, AI will export the AutoRGB file, which is great. Is there a way to export ALL of the images on my desktop as a batch export to Tiff format?


Right now it will save only “final” images. Final images are those that are tagged as “final” by the script. So there is no way to save all images.

I guess it is not too difficult to add an option that would save all images it can find. I will take a look at this.


Hi Jarmo, I can’t speak for anyone else since I am a major newbie but for me, an option to export more desktop images at one time would be great. I am currently processing as many datasets as I can in order to learn. I’m learning processing workflows in Pixinsight as well as Photoshop. I like to work in Photoshop with the AutoRGB files as well as the integrated HSO or RGB files.
Anyway, I love the script you’ve written, it’s a great help.


Hi Jim,

I just added Save all button to save all iconized windows. All iconized intermediate images files are flagged as AutoIntegrate image files. If Save all files is selected then also all those images are saved with clicking save button like 16 bit TIFF. So it is not saving all images in the desktop but it does save all AutoIntegrate generated images. Is this fine for you? I thought of saving all images it can find but maybe that is bit too much.

This change is in the image-integration branch. I will try to mode all those changes back to master branch soon.


Wow. Thanks! That makes me feel more important than I have any right to feel. LOL.
That’s a big help.

Hi Jarmo,
Please excuse my ignorance in advance.
I can’t seem to find where the “Save all button to save all iconized windows” is located.
And I don’t know where the image-integration branch is.
Thanks again.


OK, I’m so sorry. After replying, I just looked over the autointagrate script again and found the save button in the “other parameters” window. I don’t know how I missed it.
Please disregard last reply.