Autointergrate causes Pixinsight crash

running autointergrate with color calibration before ABE causes Pixinsight to crash!

Hi, Thanks for reporting the problem. Unfortunately I could not reproduce it.

Would it be possible to send AutoIntegrate.log file to me at address AutoIntegrate.log is written into AutoProcessed directry.


Interesting I do not know what has occurred, but I can only speculate what has happened. When I posted the message I had 4 consecutive crashes where the script caused Pixinsight to crash. I tried several troubleshooting steps including a fresh start to my computer. Today I ran the exact same script with the saved options and it ran perfectly!!! The only changes that occurred to the computer were the weekly Microsoft update and what I suspect was the solution to the problem a Nivida driver update to 512.96 - WHQL.
thanks for your reply

Hi, Thanks for the details. I have randomly seen crashes with the script where I get weird Javascript errors, most often in NumericControl.jsh. Sometimes I also get a big Qt subsystem callstack. These are printed on the Process Console and do not stop the whole PixInsight process.

None of my errors are repeatable. I think they are somehow related to garbage collection and Dialog functions. I have got those just by clicking things and adding files to dialog without running anything. But since they are not repeatable I cannot find a way to understand if they are a problem in the script, machine related issues or some timing problem in the PixInsight Javascript engine.