AutoIntegrate v1.67 - Support for GradientCorrection

Changes in AutoIntegrate v1.67 are listed below.

Support for GradientCorrection process

  • Added support for the GradientCorrection process. It is now the default gradient correction method.
  • There are some configuration options to fine tune GradientCorrection.
  • Optionally it is possible to generate a background model from GradientCorrection. The output will be an image with _model extension.
  • A new option is added to use ABE.
  • If using an older PixInsight version without GradientCorrection the default is still to use ABE.


  • Added Extra processing button to print full AutoIntegrate processing history from image metadata to the Process Console.
  • Added Masked+Histogram Stretch. Using a Histogram Stretch prestretch can help with too pointlike stars when using Masked Stretch.
  • Added options for StarXTerminator: select AI model, use large overlap
  • Final and edited images also are assigned an iconized position. Column is selected based on the image name prefix.
  • Updates to image history printing.
  • Added a button to extra processing to copy an astronomical solution from another image. Can be useful if the processed image cannot be solved any more.


  • Fixed a problem where parameter type was set incorrectly. This resulted in an error when restoring the value from persistent module settings. Fixed the parameter type and added checks that in case of error we print a proper error message.
  • Fix to disabling stretching setting if target type is selected
  • Fix to flowchart channel name in certain cases