AutoIntegrate v1.65 - Flowchart, GraXpert

AutoIntegrate v1.65.2 is a bug fix and update release on top of v1.65 and v1.65.1. It has the following changes:

  • Added BlurXTerminator option ‘Correct only before CC’ that will run BXT in correct only mode before color calibration. This is recommended in BXT2.0 release information. This option is not checked by default.
  • Removed BlurXTerminator option ‘Correct first’. It is not be supported in BXT2.0
  • Flowchart fixes when using remove stars options.
  • Remove stars before stretch is moved a bit later in workflow. Now it is run just before stretching after noise reduction.
  • Fixes to AutoContinue
  • Renamed automatically generated intermediate files, now they can be: _crop, _combined, _processed, _HT.
  • Fixed binning, it got broken with Flowchart changes.
  • Removed Save processed channel images option.
  • Fixed reset to reset also narrowband mapping combobox choice.
  • Added check for bad parameter combination before processing: Extra combine stars cannot be used during processing if extra option remove stars is not set.
  • Fixes to narrowband to rgb mapping
  • Fixed cursor click on histogram window
  • Added a rescale option to normalization. May help if highlights are clipped.
  • Added a new Auto noise reduction option. It automatically selects the correct time for noise reduction. If GradientXTerminator is used, then combined image noise reduction is used. Otherwise channel noise reduction is used. Option is checked by default.

AutoIntegrate v1.65.1 is a bug fix release on top of v1.65. It has the following changes:

  • Fixed a problem that stopped processing with a flowchart error when ‘Fix column defects’ or ‘Fix row defects’ option was selected.
  • Flowchart errors do not stop processing any more.
  • Removed the save to file button from the max preview window. It does not work.
  • Disabled image stretching choice when target type is selected.

Changes in AutoIntegrate v1.65 are listed below.

Printing a flowchart from the workflow

  • Added an option to print a flowchart from the processing workflow. Images in the Files tab and selected options are used to create the workflow.
  • Graphical flowchart is printed to the preview window. A text version is printed to the process console and Flowchart.log file.
  • Flowchart is always generated during processing. It is saved to the Autosave.json file and printed to the Autointegrate.log file.
  • Flowchart uses a partially simulated processing to generate the workflow information.

GraXpert support

  • To remove gradients from the image GraXpert can be used instead of AutomaticBackgroundExtractor.
  • To use GraXpert it must be installed to the computer and the path to the GraXpert binary must be configured in AutoIntegrate.

User configurable startup image

  • Added support for a user configurable startup image.
  • Startup image can be configured in the interface section. Startup image can also be disabled there.

Interface changes

  • Term ABE is replaced with a term Gradient correction. It is a more generic term and now also GraXpert can be used to remove gradients.
  • Stretching choice has been moved from the Processing 1 tab to the Settings tab. Now all commonly used settings should be in the Settings tab.

Other changes

  • Added a save button to the preview window. It can be used to save the current image in the preview. Useful for example to save the flowchart.
  • At the startup a short description of changes since the previous release is printed to the process console.
  • Autosave setup is now enabled by default.
  • Added ‘LC’ filter detection for Seestar color files.