AutoIntegrate v1.64 - Interface changes, narrowband colorization

AutoIntegrate v1.64 has the following changes. Note that while some defaults for interface are changed they may not be effective when upgrading from older version. Please check interface section for fine tuning the dialog.

Interface changes

  • The new default interface is large side preview and the file list in an own tab. Below are listed some details of interface changes.
  • In a new default setup files are a separate Files tab. In the interface section there is an option Files tab that can be unchecked to get back to the old view.
  • Large preview in the Interface section is now set as a default.
  • Set side preview as visible by default. This works better when Files are in a separate tab so you can always see the image.
  • Interface option More tabs is checked as default. When that option is enabled less settings are put into a single tab so the dialog should be a little smaller especially when side preview is the default now.
  • New Tools and batching section in the Settings tab (options there are moved from Other tab).
  • Parameters in the Other tab are split into two parts: Other parameters and System settings.
  • Some less used image processing parameters are moved to the Other tab.
  • Added a maximize preview button to see the preview image in a separate (almost) full screen window.
  • Added a maximize dialog button to fit the dialog to the (almost) full screen screen. Script tries to calculate a max preview size that would still fit the whole dialog on screen. This works best when large side preview is enabled.
  • Added dialog minimize button. It does not actually minimize the dialog but hides most elements so the size is smaller. It helps to see the screen during processing.
  • Tried to improve default preview size calculations.

New narrowband colorization

  • With a new narrowband colorization it is possible to pick individual hue, saturation and weight for each R,G,B channels.
  • Targeted for narrowband images.

Crop changed to use rejection map

  • Crop changed to use a rejection map instead of an integrated image.
  • This should be more stable with bad images.
  • Limit value can be adjusted to fine tune crop edge placement.
  • There is an option to use the old integrated image for crop info.
  • Integrated image crop option for noise reduction is removed. If the old integrated image crop is used and the first crop fails another run is automatically done using a noise reduced image.


  • Added an extra processing option to automatically reset all extra apply options once they are executed. Only the option checkbox status is reset, not possible parameters for the option. Auto reset option is checked by default.
  • Extra processing option New mask is checked as default. Without this the lightness mask may not be correct after the image changes so it is safer to make a new mask every time.
  • Added an error message feature where error messages are collected during the run and printed at the end to the console.
  • Extra edited image naming is changed. Now a numbering system is used when possible instead of always adding a new _edit text at the end.
  • Undo/redo will print processing steps to the console.
  • Added channel normalization extra option to adjust the black point and brightness on all channels based on a reference channel. Can be useful with narrowband images where Halpha makes the image too green.
  • Added an extra option to run banding reduction.
  • Changed Adjust channels extra option R/K to adjust the whole image if B and G channels are set to zero.
  • SPCC is run before background neutralization.
  • The following texts in a file name are used to detect filter files if FILTER keyword and filter letter postfix are missing: ‘_Luminance_’, ‘_Red_’, ‘_Green_’, ‘_Blue_’, ‘_SII_’, ‘_Halpha_’, ‘_OIII_’.
  • Fix to the clear button when adding filter files manually.
  • Added an icon in the Files tab to remove unchecked image files.
  • Added history button to see changes done in the extra processing section.
  • Mosaic processing uses window prefix when renaming final mosaic panels.
  • Added clarity extra processing option. It adds subtle clarity to midtones.
  • Added gamma correction extra processing option for tuning image brightness.

Thank you for making such an amazing Script. It’s allowed me or the first time to produce images that look amazing.
I’ve tried for a few years to get my skills up to par but always fell short.
This is perfect for me even at default settings. I can also play with different settings and even if it fails i learn something new.

Hi Peter,

Great to hear that you are happy with the script!