AutoIntegrate v1.63 - Narrowband mapping, processing history

Changed in AutoIntegrate v1.63 are listed below.

Extra narrowband mapping

  • Added an extra option to map a narrowband SHO or HOO image to a different palette.
  • This can be useful to see if some other palette would look better.
  • Extra option to do Foraxx mapping has been enhanced in case of SHO to run Remove green cast and Orange/blue colors.
  • Foraxx mapping can be done also without additional processing by using the Narrowband mapping and selecting dynamic SHO or HOO mapping.

Embedding processing info into image metadata

  • Embedded non-default processing options to the image FITS keywords.
  • Embedded extra processing steps to the image FITS keywords.
  • With embedded processing info it is easy to see how the image was processed inside AutoIntegrate.
  • Processing history is saved using the HISTORY keyword.

Subframe selector measurements improvements

  • Saving subframe selector measurements into the setup json file.
  • Fixes when reusing subframe selector measurements.

Options to plate solve image

  • Added a processing option to plate solve the image also without using SPCC color calibration.
  • There is a Solve image option for normal processing and for extra processing.

Changes to extra processing target image handling

  • Edited image naming was changed. When extra processing is done in separate sessions AutoIntegrate now uses edit count number instead of always adding a new _edit string at the end. So multiple separate edits result in images ending with _edit, _edit_1, _edit_2, etc. If there already is an image ending with _edit_1 then the new image will be _1_edit_1.
  • Extra processing target image save button now saves image in both XISF and TIFF formats. XISF keeps the edit history, TIFF can be edited in other apps like Photoshop.
  • Now also a non-edited extra processing target image can be saved.
  • Reorganized extra processing target image options to a separate section.


  • Added a high limit for extra auto contrast.
  • Added overdrive and iterations parameters for HDRMLT extra option.
  • Changed image solving to try with auto stretched image if ImageSolver fails with linear image.
  • Batch mode now asks for all files before starting the batch.
  • Fixed a bug in crop to common area that did not always crop correctly