AutoIntegrate v1.62 - FastIntegration, Foraxx, AnnotateImage

Changes in AutoIntegrate v1.62 are listed below.


  • Added support for FastIntegration
  • FastIntegration is available in PixInsight 1.8.9-2

Annotate image

  • Added an extra option to use AnnotateImage script to annotate images. When used with the Run or AutoContinue button a new image with _Annotated postfix is created.

StarNet2 changes

  • Fixed StarNet2 stride parameter.
  • Enabled StarNet2 for linear images.
  • Note that the StarNet2 is not available for the latest PixInsight version 1.8.9-2.

Foraxx palette extra option

  • Foraxx palette added as a narrowband extra option. Foraxx needs nonlinear images so it is best run after other processing.
  • Foraxx option will extract channels from source image and create a new Foraxx palette mapping.
  • SHO and HOO mappings are available.
  • Dynamic palettes use the similar mappings but they run it earlier in the processing flow.

Narrowband orange/blue colors

  • Added narrowband extra option Orange/blue colors. It is used to shift red colors more to orange and also increase orange/blue saturation.
  • Option can be useful for example after running Foraxx palette.


  • HDRMultiscaleTransform to use To intensity option with Color corrected extra option when available.