AutoIntegrate v1.61 - File handling and filtering

Changes in AutoIntegrate v1.61:

Read directory

  • Added option ‘Directory’ to read all image files from a directory that match to the given file pattern. This should help in cases where file dialog may be slow (Mac).

Darker highlights extra option

  • Makes image highlights darker using a lightness mask.

PSF filtering changes

  • Fixed weight filtering condition that accepted NaN value.

  • Added option to filter light files for bad PSF values before any processing. This can be enabled with the “Early PSF check” option. It is useful if some files are really bad and generate NaN values for PSF because those will make image integration fail.

ImageIntegration changes

  • Changed ImageIntegration to use the user given weight limit.

  • Fix to PSF Signal value, for some reason +1 was added to the value.

Added check that Run button is not used with Integrated lights option

  • If the run button was used with the Integrated lights option it failed with a confusing error message.

Removed WinsorizedSigmaClip from default set

  • There have been some problems with incorrect clipping on stars when usingWinsorizedSigmaClip. Removed it from the default Auto2 set.