AutoIntegrate v1.55 - Support for BlurXTerminator

Changes in AutoIntegrate v1.55

  • Added support for BlurXTerminator
    • BlurXTerminator is run on linear data just before stretching to non-linear. To use it on non-linear data use the Extra processing Sharpening option.
    • Some options are available for BlurXTerminator in the new Sharpening section.
    • With option Non-linear noise reduction the noise reduction is done after BlurXTerminator and after stretching. It is recommended to do noise reduction after BlurXTerminator is used. But it is always good to experiment what is best for your own data.
  • Option to save Integration_[LRGBHSO]_crop files. Useful as a mosaic starting point.
  • Fix to star mask with New mask option.
  • Added option to remove magenta color.
  • GeneralizedHyperbolicStretch is now available as a process. Hyperbolic stretching option that uses the process.