AutoIntegrate v1.53 - Save processed channel images

Changes in v1.53

  • Added option Save processed channel images
    • It saves processed channel images with name Integration__processed.
    • Processed files may make experimenting with different stretching or narrowband mapping faster because possibly time consuming operations like noise reduction (slow with NoiseXTerminator) is already done.
  • Added checks that the output directory is created and it is writeable. As a result each directory contains an info.txt file.
  • New option Extra saturation to increase saturation after basic processing
  • Fix to use correct image window in PixelMath
  • Added option Extra smooth background to smooth uneven background. A limit value below which smoothing is done is given.
  • Small change to crop algorithm to allow single zero pixels.
  • Added current pixel value to preview info at the bottom.
  • Use H as the first choice for linear fit with narrowband images.
  • StarXTerminator 2.0.0 support