AutoIntegrate v1.52 - Use already processed files, histogram stretch, star reduction

AutoIntegrate v1.52 - Use already processed files, histogram stretch, star reduction

PixelMath star reduction

Target type

  • Added options for Target type: Galaxy and Nebula. If selected they try to use better defaults for the target type. Currently it only changes the stretching method.

Use processed files

  • Added option Use processed files to use already processed files. This can be useful when adding new files to an existing set of files.

Histogram stretch

  • Added new experimental stretching method Histogram stretch. It has configurable options Shadow clip, Target type and Target value.

New options

  • Added option Shadow clip. It can be used to clip shadows 0.01% after the image is stretched. It is mainly to increase contrast by clipping the very low end of the histogram.
  • Added option New mask. It forces creating a new mask even if a compatible old AutoMask exists.
  • For extra processing added a new option New mask to force creating a new luminance or star mask.
  • Added option to select other than 2x2 binning.
  • Added Binning only option to stop after binning.
  • Renamed option Remove stars early to Remove stars before stretch.
  • Added option Remove stars after stretch.

Other changes

  • Noise reduction is now done after linear fit
  • Mask is now created using the selected stretching method instead of always using Auto STF.
  • Save cropped L image
    • If L image is cropped we save a separate cropped L image with a name Integration_L_crop. It can be used together with cropped Integration_RGB to manually stretch matching L and RGB images.
  • Updates to hyperbolic stretch
    • Small tweaks to hyperbolic stretch.
    • D value is now always logarithmic as in GHS script.
  • Fix to local normalization when using small image sizes.
  • New OHS narrowband palette.
  • Changed narrowband L mapping to have empty default. If it is non-empty mapping is done and mapping can be freely chosen.
  • Default for combining starless and star image changed from Add to Screen. Screen is very similar to Add but works better if the Unscreen stars option is selected.
  • Using a star mask when making stars smaller even with stars only image. Star mask does not include bigger stars which are not made smaller.
  • Toggle preview button is moved inside interface settings.
  • Renamed autosave setup file from AutoIntegrateSetup.json to AutosaveSetup.json
  • Fix to Synthetic missing image
  • ToolTip updates
  • Added Adjust to content button to adjust the script window to content. When the script overflows outside of the screen and then comes back it does not always return to the correct size although adjustToContents() is called. This button helps to fix the script window to correct size.
  • Bug fixes.