AutoIntegrate v1.50 - Manually select reference images

AutoIntegrate v1.50 includes the following changes:

Manually select reference images

AutoIntegrate automatically selects the reference images for star align, image integration and local normalization. By default the images with the best SSWEIGHT value are chosen.

It is possible to manually choose reference images. A reference image for star alignment is used to align all light images. For each filter reference images are used for image integration and local normalization.

There is a button that can be used to calculate SSWEIGHT values for each file and automatically mark reference images to the file list. It is useful for checking which files would be chosen and fine tune the selection if needed. SSWEIGHT values are calculated for raw files that are not debayered or cosmetically corrected so they may differ from those calculated during processing. If no reference images are selected manually then automatically selected images are marked to the file list after processing. They can be found also from the AutoIntegrate log file.

Note that manually selecting reference images for filters do not work with OSC images if the Extract channels option is used. In that case extracted channel images should be loaded separately as LRGB images to choose correct reference images.

Option Autosave setup

Option save current setup automatically after successful processing into AutoIntegrateSetup.json file. Autosave is done only after the Run command, it is not done after the Autocontinue command.

File is saved to the lights file directory, or to the user given output directory. Saving to lights directory makes it possible to use relative paths to files so it is easy to move the setup file around or even share with lights files.

Setup can be later loaded into AutoIntegrate to see the settings or run the setup again possibly with different options. If option Add window prefix to log files is selected the current prefix is added to the autosave setup file.

Saving ssweight into setup json file

When available the setup json file now includes ssweight value for files. Together with the Autosave setup option it is then possible to later check weight calculations.

Option Debayer only

Added an option to run Debayer only. Idea is to run only Debayer on OSC images so that later for example Canon banding reduction can be run on those Debayered files. Processing can then continue by choosing *_d.xisf files in AutoOutput directory as light files, setting Debayer to None and selecting No CosmeticCorrection.

Option Extract channels

Added option Extract channels only to stop after Extract channels is done. Later it is possible to continue by selecting extracted files and run a normal mono camera (LRGB/HSO) workflow.