AutoIntegrate updates

Recent updates to AutoIntegrate are listed in this thread.

Dialog was too tall for Full HD screen. Made it just to with into Full HD Window.

Less noise removal and more telescopes

  • Changed to use milder noise removal to keep more details and to avoid artifacts
  • More supported FILTER keywords. Now works with Deep Sky West files.

v0.60 High pixel clipping fix

Sometimes there was an annoying problem that high pixels were clipped when running AutoIntegrate. I am not fully aware why that happens but changes to ImageIntegration clipping settings seemed to help. It can still happen if pushing saturation settings too far, tough.

v0.61 Fix to color file processing

Mask was created too late for color files when using non-linear saturation increase.


  • Fixes to AutoContinue
  • Fix to extra mask with LRGB files (new problem after color file mask processing fixes)
  • When saving AutoIntegrate.log scirpt asks for a path if it is not known.

New updates to AutoIntegrate, v0.66.

New Extra processing section

The following extra processing can be applied to an image

  1. Darker background with a luminance mask
  2. HDRMultiscaleTansform with a luminance mask
  3. LocalHistogramEqualization with a luminance mask
  4. Add contrast
  5. Smaller stars with a star mask. Number of iterations can be given. More iterations will generate smaller stars. If a predefined star_mask exists it is used.

If multiple options are selected they are executed in the order listed above. If a predefined luminance mask range_mask or AutoMask it is used.

In case of Run or AutoContinue, extra processing steps are applied to a copy of the final image. A new image is created with _extra added to the name. For example if the final image is AutoLRGB_noABE then a new image AutoLRGB_noABE_extra is created. AutoContinue can be used to apply extra processing after the final image is created.

From a drop down list it is possible to select an image into which extra processing is applied. With the Apply button extra processing is run on the selected image.

New parameter Link RGB channels

Controls RGB channel linking in Screen Transfer Function. Possible values Auto, Linked, Unlinked. Using Unlinked can help reduce color cast with OSC images.

Changed mask creation

When a mask is created from an RGB image the script now extracts luminance channel instead of using an image converted to grayscale.

Fix star color with AutoContinue narrowband

Fix star color option can applied later by clicking AutoContinue narrowband.