AutoIntegrate covered in Remote Astrophotography Using blog

Erik Westermann has created a great book titled Remote Astrophotography Using – A Handbook. It is recommended reading for anyone using Slooh telescopes. And it is free to download! Erik also maintains a blog that has a lot of useful and practical information. You should check his site at:

Erik has also covered AutoIntegrate script in his site. He has a great article with a lot of details and useful in formation in a blog post Using Astro Mosaic for Telescopes:

Another useful blog article is Processing a Image Using PixInsight:

He also compared results from AutoIntegrate to a careful manual processing. As expected, manual processing does generate better results. You can check his finding here:

Erik provides the FITS files he used in the comparison. I normally do a few additional processing steps after AutoIntegrate and hardly ever use the ABE option. I need to check if I can get closer to a manual processed image with my workflow and see if there is something that could be included in the AutoIntegrate script.