AutoIntegrate 1.66 - Live Flowchart, Ha to RGB mapping

Changes in AutoIntegrate 1.66 are listed below.

Live Flowchart

  • Added Show Flowchart checkbox to update flowchart live. The flowchart is updated and shown in the preview window while processes progress.
  • Flag can be toggled on/off to switch between flowchart and image preview.
  • Generating a full flowchart before processing can be enabled by checking a system setting Get flowchart data before processing. Then a full flowchart is shown during processing. In case of AutoContinue or batch processing the flowchart is always generated during processing.

Ha to RGB mapping

  • Added a new section to map Ha to the RGB red channel.
  • Added extra processing option for Ha to RGB.
  • Added None mapping option to skip mapping during processing. Then the mapping can be done using the extra option.
  • Also a user processed Ha image can be used. In case of linear Ha image processing, if image Integration_H_enhanced_linear exists it is used. In case of non-linear (stretched) Ha image processing, if image Integration_H_enhanced exists it is used.
  • Added options for gradient correction, background smoothing and start removal.
  • Note that this is work in progress and getting good results needs experimenting with different options.

Masking update for extra processing

  • Added separate adjust selection for LocalHistogramEqualization and ExponentialTransformation. Adjust selection can be used to select adjustment to the light or dark part of the image. This is done using a lightness mask.
  • Added range_mask extra option. When selected, all masking uses a user created range_mask. It is used as is, it is not for example inverted. This selection overwrites any option specific adjust settings. White selects, black protects.

Other changes

  • File name filter did not work correctly with long filter name embedded into file name when there were extra dots in the file name.
  • Fix when restoring the Output Directory from a Json file.
  • Flowchart fixes
  • Added a button to print non-default options to the Process Console.
  • Crop error texts changed to warnings
  • Added a new setting for crop warning limit. Default is 5%.
  • If Save cropped images was checked the processing stopped with crop_id not defined error.
  • Fix to gradient corrected channel image processing
  • Added option to adjust LocalHistogramEqualization contrast limit. Can be useful for example when enhancing dark parts of the image.
  • Optional Smoothen background now has a factor value. If using a value > 1 it can be used to make dark parts of the image even more dark. Smoothing is now done always before gradient correction. Note that smoothing should be tried only in very extreme cases.
  • Detecting LP filter as Seestar color files
  • Added support for GraXpert 2.2.0. There is an option ‘Old version’ if using the older GraXpert version.
  • Fix to image solver when using an older version of PixInsight.
  • Added option to force resolving an image. Sometimes it helps, maybe because when using an older solved image it is not compatible with a later SPCC version.
  • Added an option to specify drizzle for image solving. Default Auto option tries to get drizzle information from the image metadata.