Autointegrate 1.66 can't add lights or files

I downloaded AI 1.66 and put it in the scripts area of Pixinsight but when I go to add my light files (Seestar LP files) the window for the script runs off the bottom of the screen. I cannot drag and drop files onto it and can’t tell if there is a button on the bottom to add files.
I can’t find anyway to add files to the scripts. I will have to go back to 1.61 that worked and allowed files to be added.

Am I missing something? How do I add fits files to the script?

Hi Jeff,

Looks like the dialog window is too large for your screen. Not sure why it happens. I am at the office but will check it later today. I cannot see all info form the Process Console but preview size 260x260 should not be too bad for screen size 1920x1040.

Some things that could help:

  • Do you have a lot of sections open in tabs? Closing them and clicking the refresh button might help.
  • Trying some Interface options like toggling side preview might help.


Hi There,

Is there also the option of using the “-” minus sign on top right?

Clear Skies,


Hi Paul,

The “-” minus sign minimizes the dialog but it also hides the whole input file part.