AutoIntegrate 1.57 - CometAlignment, GUI updates

Changes in AutoIntegrate 1.57 and 1.57.1 are listed below.


  • Fixed a problem where a single light file was interpreted incorrectly as an integrated file. This resulted AutoIntegrate to fail with a message:
    AutoIntegrate: There are already preprocessed images, processing not started!
    AutoIntegrate: Close or rename old images before continuing.
  • Added option “Integrated lights” to consider single light files as integrated files. It is useful for example when using integrated lights from WBPP as there is no need to rename images.


Comet alignment

  • Comet alignment using the CometAlignment process.
  • Added buttons to preview first and last comet images to get X,Y coordinates.
  • Added an option Remove stars from lights to remove stars from light images. Starts are removed just after star alignment is done. Note that starless images may cause problems with ImageIntegration and BlurXTerminator PSF calculations. Option Image integration use ssweight helps with ImageIntegration and manual PSF helps with BlurXTerminator.
  • Added buttons to copy comet coordinates from the preview coordinate box. There are separate buttons to copy the first and last image.

PSF settings for BlurXTerminator

  • Options to use manual PSF or PSF (FWHM) calculated from image for BlurXTerminator. These can be used to override automatic PSF.

Correct first flag for BlurXTerminator

  • Added an option to set the correct first flag for BlurXTerminator. It can be useful when setting manual PSF or getting PSF from an image.

Optional image filtering

  • Added optional image filtering based on two measures. It is possible to filter images for example with FWHM and Eccentricity values. Images that do not meet filtering criteria are not processed.

AutoContinue can use light files as integrated files

  • AutoContinue can use light files as integrated files in case fixed file names are not found. Then there can be only one file for each filter, otherwise it is not considered an integrated file. Files are considered as base integrated files so they replace Integration_[LRGBHSO] or Integration_RGB_color files.

Extra processing moved to preview tab

  • Normally preview is used only with Extra processing.

New option Use median PSF

  • Added option Use median PSF. It uses median FWHM from the subframe selector as PSF value. It can be useful when PSF cannot be calculated from the image. This option cannot be used when the subframe selector is not run, like with AutoContinue.

New interface options

  • Added More tabs option to show more table (old tabs split into more tabs)
  • Added Large preview option where side preview is on the side of the whole dialog. Then a bigger preview size is possible.

Separate preview size for each screen size

  • Separate preview size is saved for each screen size. Useful for example if using a laptop with an external monitor with a different screen size.

Added Telescope Live telescope focal lengths

  • In some cases metadata did not have focal lengths for Telescope Live telescopes. Focal length is needed for plate solving and SPCC. Added Telescope Live telescope focal lengths which are used if metadata does not have focal length and the user has not given it.

Random stuff

  • Added option Reset on setup load to reset parameters to default values before loading a setup Json file. Useful if you want to ensure that only saved parameters are used.
  • Small change to start mask parameter.
  • Print medianFWHM so it can be later checked from the log file.
  • Fix to AutoContinue with HT (Histogram Transform) files.
  • Configurable Leave some green option. The amount can be given.