AutoIntegrate 1.00 Beta - image calibration

AutoIntegrate 1.00 Beta can do the whole image processing workflow including image calibration. Beta version can be downloaded from GitHub branch image-calibration. Download link is at the end of this post.

Below are described major changes in the beta version.

Image calibration

Script can do image calibration if needed. Two basic workflows are supported:

  • Calibrating with bias, darks and flats
  • Calibrating with darks, flat darks (or dark flats) and flats

If any of the calibration files are not available the script tries to run calibration with the remaining files.

AutoIntegrate output directories

AutoIntegrate will by default put output files into subdirectories.

  • AutoOutput contains intermediate files generated during processing
  • AutoMaster contains generated master calibration files
  • AutoCalibrated contains calibrated light files
  • AutoProcessed contains processed final images. Also integrated images and log output is here.

By default output files are written into the same directory as the first light file in the file list. Users can also give an absolute or relative path to the output directory.

Saving settings to script icon

It is possible to save your own default options to a script icon. It can then be used to recall default settings. Script icons can be saved to a file.

Settings are saved by dragging the lower left corner triangle icon to the desktop. By double clicking the icon a script window opens. Clicking the Apply global button starts the script with those settings that are saved to the icon. PixInsight also saves MD5 checksum to the script icon. When using the script icon with a modified script you need to clear the checksum field first.

Save buttons works for all final images

Save buttons under section ‘Save final image files’ now save any image that has AutoIntegrate finalimage tag attached. Script adds those tags automatically. Tags are saved only for .xisf files. 16 bit TIFF files do not have _16 added to the file name any more.

Debayering is done by the script

AutoIntegrate does debayering of images by default so no automatic debayering should be done. For OSC/DSLR files Pixinsight should be put into Pure RAW mode. It can be set in Format Explorer by double clicking RAW format.

Usually the Auto option works fine for debayering. If there is no metadata in the image file to detect debayering pattern it can be selected manually in the Lights page. Choosing None assumes that debayering is already done.

Other changes

  • FITS keywords are saved to the final images after PixelMath or StarNet processing.
  • Added option ‘No subdirectories’ to write all output files into same directory (works as old versions before 1.00)
  • Added option ‘No autodetect’ to skip auto detecting calibration files when adding light files.
  • Added option ‘All files’ to use ‘.’ as the default in file open dialogs.
  • When running extra processing separately, the script often asked for a log file save directory. This has been fixed by using the same directory resolving setup as normal run.
  • SubframeSelector generated an error to the process console. This has been fixed by changing some SubframeSelector parameters.

Download link