Astro Mosaic v1.74 - Planet view, current location, Simbad pointer

Changes in Astro Mosaic v1.74.3 are listed below.

Weather and seeing

  • Old weather renamed to seeing.
  • New weather shows Windy weather map based on telescope coordinates.

Changes in Astro Mosaic v1.74.2 are listed below.

  • Fixes to current location view.

Changes in Astro Mosaic v1.74.1 are listed below.

Fix to telescope timezones

  • Telescope timezones were incorrectly set to the current timezone.

Changes in Astro Mosaic v1.74 are listed below.

Added visibility info for a planet

  • Planets can be selected from a drop down list. Both day and year visibility charts include the planet visibility.

Moon and planet path on a map

  • Added moon and planet path to the map. Moon path shows the path during the selected night. Planet path is shown for the next four weeks from the selected date.

Hovering and clicking

  • Most objects with a marker on the sky atlas respond to hovering and clicking. Hovering on the object shows an info line above the sky atlas. Clicking on the object shows a more detailed info table at the bottom of the screen.

Current location service

  • Added a new service called “Current location”. It asks for the current location and shows the sky above that location. There is no telescope or Fov with that view but a 45 degree radius circle is drawn with Current location to make it easier to track the view and position
  • There are two telescopes, Visual and Now. Visual uses date and time from the date field, Now forces the current date and time.
  • Date field can also contain time. Date and time are assumed to be local time.

Added Simbad pointer

  • Simbad pointer can retrieve more information for the pointed object.


  • Default telescope fix.
  • Names to Aladin overlays.
  • Added more choices for altitude filtering.