Astro Mosaic v1.71 - Add own telescope, panel view, etc

Changes in Astro Mosaic v1.71

  • Added checkbox and controls to add your own telescope inside the Astro Mosaic page. By default add telescope controls are not visible.
  • Added Panels checkbox to view catalog targets in a panel view. Panel view shows 25 first targets in the current catalog list. After selecting Panels click the Refresh button to update the view.
  • Added option to sort catalog list based on altitude if altitude filtering is enabled.
  • Added optional Azimuth view on Target visibility chart.
  • Catalog time filtering changed to use time zone offset if given.
  • Added info button to view information on current telescope and to generate a link (Url) to the current view. Using the link it is possible to save the current view or share it.

great job!
awaiting for planets data….!

Thanks! :slight_smile: Planets would be cool. Still wondering how to do that and how to show them.


Lunar and planetary ephemerides are available from JPL either via download or via API. Would that work? JPL IDs for the planets are x99 where 199 is mercury and 899 is Neptune (999 is Pluto), and related bodies to each planet fall under x01, x02 etc. where x corresponds to the first digit of the planet. So Earth is 399 and the Moon is 301.

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Thanks! This is good info. I had heard before that planetary info is available through a web API but had already forgotten it.

This site Computing planetary positions has orbital elements for planets. I believe the same formulas that are used for sun and moon could be used for planets too.

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